Devotional Series

Spend quality time with God in his Word. In each devotional, you'll hear Scripture, teaching, reflection prompts and a worship song! 


Before the Next Step

Life is full of “next-steps”: new school years, new jobs and new life stages. In preparing for these, we can often feel unsure and fearful. In the book of Exodus, we learn how Moses prepared for his future as leader of the Israelites: he turned to God! His story teaches Christians to seek God. No matter what happens up ahead, God will be drawing us closer to himself at every step along the way.

Fuel for Your Journey 

Are you anxious about the direction your life is headed? Do you feel too weak and exhausted to face the next stretch ahead? In examining the Israelites’ journey in Exodus, we learn how God takes care of us in our own journeys. God wisely leads us. He gives us strength in our weakness. He provides for our daily needs. And He revitalizes us in our exhaustion.


Answering God's Call

God places a calling on every believer: Go and make disciples! Believers carry out this calling within the unique roles God gives them, such as spouse, employee, parent, teacher or leader. In this three part series, learn how God equips his people in their calling through the story of Moses, who was called to lead the Israelites out of their slavery in Egypt. In God, Christians can find confidence, strength and assurance to live out their calling!

Exodus: A Journey Towards Freedom and New Life

Exodus opens with God coming to rescue his people, the Israelites, out of slavery in Egypt. Throughout their story, we see the love of God for his people. God continues to lead the Israelites towards a fuller experience of freedom and new life in him!

Exodus points us to the ultimate act of deliverance in Christ! With his death and resurrection, Jesus set us free from our slavery to sin for a new life in him. As you learn about the Israelites' journey, be refreshed and uplifted in your own journey, stepping into a deeper experience of freedom and life in Christ. 

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Genesis: The Story of God's Faithfulness

In Genesis, we encounter God's persistent relationship with his people: he continues to bless them even when they do not hold up their end of the relationship. As you journey through the story of Genesis, receive the peaceful assurance of God's unshakeable faithfulness to his promises and to us his people. 

Job: Searching for Peace in Your Suffering

This book is a story about a man named Job and the suffering that he endures. The book explores the difficult question of God’s relationship to human suffering. Job urges us to fear God, trusting in his wisdom and character, even in our suffering. In Job, we are provided with a text that both empathizes with our suffering and provides hope to move forward. 

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The Gift of Intimacy

Song of Songs is a collection of ancient love poetry inspired by God’s gift of romantic love. The content focuses on the relationship between a husband and wife, and it encourages us both to enjoy romantic love as a gift from God and to let the transcendence of love point us to God and his love. 

Ecclesiastes: The Search for Meaning

Ecclesiastes is a book of reflections on the purpose of life from someone called the “Preacher.” The Preacher examines the purpose of life from two different view-points throughout the book: The secular view and view of faith. By pointing out the depressing realities of the secular view, Ecclesiastes urges us towards a life of faith. Its teaching not only encourages us to wrestle with matters of extreme importance such as eternal destiny but also inspires purposeful and joyful living.

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Proverbs: Walking in God's Wisdom

The Book of Proverbs is a compilation of  accumulated wisdom from God’s people. Rooting its reader in the fear of the Lord, the book of Proverbs helps God’s people understand the value of wisdom and develop practical skills for living wisely. 

Psalms: Finding Solid Ground

The book of Psalms provides divinely inspired words to help us process our emotions. Its spiritual truths transform feelings of shame into freedom, anxiety into joy, and insecurity into confidence. Learn to ground yourself in God and his Word in the midst of hard circumstances. 

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