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Renew produces audible devotionals to help people spend quality time with God in his Word.

Many of us want to grow closer to God, but we may have trouble finding the time to do so or knowing how to read the Bible and respond to it. Our devotionals help people integrate this time into their daily routines. They explain and apply key passages of Scripture and then walk listeners through a time of response in reflection, prayer and worship.

We aim to create an avenue through which a believer’s relationship with God can be nurtured and deepened in the midst of a busy life. Our devotionals create the space and content for people to center on truth and connect with God, receiving fresh life and strength from him. 



"I doubted God’s existence for the first time when I was eleven years old on the night of New Year's Eve. A Christian worldview was all I had ever known. Too anxious to sleep, I found my dad’s laptop and googled “good bible verses.” As you might have expected, this google search did not bring an end to my doubting. 

For the next year, I was unable to shake the fear, anxiety and loneliness that doubt brought on. I found myself wondering, if God and an eternal existence with him weren’t real, then what was the purpose of life? I finally decided to face my questions and look to God and his Word for answers. I started in Genesis and read through Revelation, and I didn’t understand a thing. So I read through it again. And again. As time went on, through the help of good mentors, teachers, books and eventually seminary classes, God began to reveal himself to me in the Bible.  My quest for answers transformed into a relationship, and that relationship with God is deepened each time I meet him in his Word.  


I know from experience how daunting it can be to approach the Bible, so I wanted to create something to help others in their walks of faith. I have experienced so much purpose and joy, so much fulfillment and peace in knowing God through his Word, and I wanted to share that with others. So, I created Renew. I pray that God uses the devotionals to bring you into a deeper, richer relationship with him."




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