Cover to Cover: The Torah

Study the first five books of the Bible and explore how they find their fulfillment in Christ! These books tell the story of how God created the world; how sin corrupted this creation; and how God began his plan of restoration through the Israelites. From these books, we learn to look to Jesus for renewal in our emptiness and brokenness. 


Cover to Cover:
The Historical Books

Study the Old Testament historical books and learn how they find their fulfillment in Christ! These books tell the story of how God worked through Israel despite its sin; how Israel was eventually exiled from their land because of their sin; and how God then brought his people back home to rebuild them. In these books, we find hope in Christ's love at work in our weakness and failure. 

Cover to Cover:
The Poetic Books

Study the Old Testament poetic books, and learn how they find their fulfillment in Christ!  Full of poetry, proverbs, prayers and song lyrics, the Bible’s poetic literature provides a unique lens to know God and his wisdom. In these five books of Scripture, explore how God’s wisdom leads you to find peace, emotional stability, direction, contentment, and intimacy with Jesus. 


Cover to Cover:
The Major Prophets

Study the Old Testament Major Prophet books, and learn how they find their fulfillment in Christ! These books tell the story of how God’s prophets confronted Israel in their sin but also provided hope in a promised Messiah! Through these books, we are convicted of our own sin and moved to look to God alone for life, love, and security. 


Before the Next Step

Life is full of “next-steps”: new school years, new jobs and new life stages. In preparing for these, we can often feel unsure and fearful. In the book of Exodus, we learn how Moses prepared for his future as leader of the Israelites: he turned to God! His story teaches Christians to seek God. No matter what happens up ahead, God will be drawing us closer to himself at every step along the way.

Fuel for Your Journey 

Are you anxious about the direction your life is headed? Do you feel too weak and exhausted to face the next stretch ahead? In examining the Israelites’ journey in Exodus, we learn how God takes care of us in our own journeys. God wisely leads us. He gives us strength in our weakness. He provides for our daily needs. And He revitalizes us in our exhaustion.


Answering God's Call

God places a calling on every believer: Go and make disciples! Believers carry out this calling within the unique roles God gives them, such as spouse, employee, parent, teacher or leader. In this three part series, learn how God equips his people in their calling through the story of Moses, who was called to lead the Israelites out of their slavery in Egypt. In God, Christians can find confidence, strength and assurance to live out their calling!